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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 14, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> live, from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. >> james: top story, japan's prime minister is calling it the worst crisis since world war two as rescue workers search for survivors from the earthquake and tsunami that hit japan. officials what red cross to the magnitude of the damage is not known, 2000 people >> reporter: justice said japan and other very dark, cold night. there follows what was an extremely difficult day for survivors, rescuers and the country as a whole. but days after the largest earthquake on record life is anything but
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normal. some headed back to work but were left stranded due to pirated, and downed trees. news from the disaster continues to be grim. reports of 2000 bodies discovered off the coast. >> 65 years after the end of war were to this is the tempest, most difficult crisis for japan. >> reporter: the destruction is a one- dimensional. insensate 80 mi. from the epicenter loads of homes of latin, reduce stress. lives, strewn about. on the ground, from the air surest and rescue teams look for survivors they find few miracles. washed away by the tsunami this woman house of to retreat, a floor mat for hours until hall arrived. >> the moment she opened the
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door the water flooded in. survivors face challenges after sharks continue food and water supplies are low. explosions to a damaged nuclear plants have many on high alert. hundreds of dozens of people have been evacuated. officials remain hopeful they can contain the radiation threat. >> we believe there's a possibility that the massive amount of radiation has been leaked. >> reporter: japan has even more proms economic, its stock market took a major hood today as a result the government injected $183 billion into the economy. there prang, hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. back to you. >> james: new video sure you come out of japan capturing some of the devastation
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ryutaro roads, you can see the ashcroft moving across getting bigger with each aftershock. a harrowing scene the stock market dropped considerably in morning trading in tokyo. they deposited 1.8 $4 billion to help keep it stable. meanwhile the impact here in the bay area center down and santa cruz the harbor is remaining closed until least this weekend by 30 say 18 both exxon, hundreds damage. owners will have access but no vessels can travel through those waters. other news, authorities are searching for an inmate this keep last
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night. 30 rodney than simpson was last seen around 930 last night wearing orange jeans, a shirt with the initials c. d. see our prisoner he is 6 ft., then, brown eyes, are brown hair, fair complexion he was arrested for vehicle theft. police are searching for missing teenage girl last seen in the bay area high school. shoes ossian march 15th, which we may of been with a unidentified man. authorities believe they may still be in the bay area but also to travel to los angeles. rain is coming
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down the as been raining considerably louisa is growing are >> louisa: . the bulk of the marchers had scorched the east. light showers. --low bulk of the luster has pushed to the east. a space and getting quite a mission hours to oakland all the way down to san leandro. illus i guess we take it to the week we will see quite a bit of what weather by your tuesday austrian, evening rain fall rates reaching anywhere from a quarter of an inch to three-quarters of an inch thursday, a weaker storm is expected. this one is bringing us than a quarter of an inch we will continue with wet weather up until friday. friday brings the strong storms. rainfall rates for half an inch to 1 in.. plenty of wet weather
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had the best. this morning to hunters in the '50s. sumter's in the upper fifties, 57 degrees for livermore as a ticket to the afternoon in the '60s. mid- 60's her sisters to come on the rotor, san francisco. savor oakland, hayward, fremont. warming up to the upper 60s today in places like san as a, morgan hill. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. not much break in the wet weather over the next few days tomorrow bringing in the showers then continue into early wednesday morning. thursday, friday more wet weather is editor way it is molecule escape the wet weather even towards the weekend. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> erica: thank you,
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friday, wet, no major problems no hotspot to contend with pretty quiet around a bay the purchase the bay bridge preconditions just a few cars streaming in pretty much since straight over the senator bridge, where spirit, east and 92 traffic in very good shape. not tracking any problems to the bridge on high 101 or the nimitz. golden gate, it is foggy i just checked clocks new dense fog advisor 3 is in place we don't have any accident in the south bend direction as you make your richardson francisco. >> car was scrupulous we're, i thought the guy. >> james: crews worked through the night to get the train ready for the morning commute remains on blocks
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last may. services back to normal after the eight-nine card of the town car train bound for san francisco came off the tracks. 65 passengers were on board, three people complained of back pain that cause remains under investigation. we will take a quick break, much more straight ahead, if you know someone with an iphone you might want to give them a call we could tell you about a place that could make them oversleep today. this is a far the shot of the golden gate bridge, eric is keeping an eye of in the weather center. more in a moment.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. today keeping the
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the last chance of showers, and that the major. tamara is our right, tomorrow night kind of sweat. --wet. friday the showers return, we'll keep head and master of the week. bay bridge approach, cars making their way to the toll plaza. it is an ok ride. president obama is traveling to virginia to give a speech on revamping education. they're pushing for an overhaul of the " note child left behind " to acact. president obama will also meet with the commander allied forces in afghanistan. efforts by
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jerry brown to court a handful of republicans are expected to intensify as they try to find a compromise on the tax route for the ballot coming up in june. a five-year extension is the cornerstone of transplant to close the $26.6 billion deficit. stock futures or down, setting the stage for a lower open after the stock index plunged. tokyo's index last 6.2% in trading today. that would be like the dow losing 722 points. the war in libya and planned government rallies are straining the global market. corporate news, warren buffett is buying
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their resolve in the deal valued and $9 billion cash. that is for tv, the new survey shows americans are giving more duration from the internet. news construction on line can increase 17%. if he knows someone depending on their iphone you might want to give them a call, a number of users are reporting their alarms did not work after the daylight savings change. some claim the problem is solved by turning the front off and then back on again. much more straight ahead here's a quick lot outside as we go, you bridge a
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purge, westbound 80 those flights are moving well from oakland in to san francisco.
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>> james: japanese officials say 1000 bodies were found scattered across the cosign the discoverer raise the debt toll to about 2800 the police chief says more than 10,000 people are estimated to have died in his province alone. 1 24 million households are without water, 1.9 without electricity, 310 dozen people living in emergencies to charterers, 24,000 people are stranded, 11 people were injured, one seriously in an explosion at a new killer power plant. another reactor has lost its cooling. there won't their ships and aircraft carriers away from
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apartheid and the coast the aircraft carrier uss ronald reagan was 100 mi. offshore winds instruments detected radiation from that ruptured power plant. meanwhile the violent wave struck a bus on top of a building, of all house on the school building for we will have the latest video coming out of that there was a best washed ashore from munson on the, you can see it there. and tavern and elementary school you can see a house. obviously the death toll is a big concern, look at the country on this rape. you can see the gap widening in shrinking as the ground shook. this is video in the aftermath and the aftershocks. the scene of destruction of red the eastern seaboard of japan. debris is still all this left of parts of northern japan. many survivors of
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years creek and the tsunami are focused on trying to get food, water people in the hard-hit coastal city of sendai are lining up of outside a supermarket many of those people will likely be there for hours waiting in line. shoppers to get inside will be limited to 10 items each. they're a population of 1 million people. it will be awhile before we realize the full effect of years creek. half of the population of this count remained missing. kron4 is a call-in talk with a woman who just returned from japan. she tells what it was like being marked. >> many residents here were visiting japan and experience the earthquake are very glad to be home. i talked to one woman here sfo, she was sitting in a bus when the earthquake
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shark, here's our should discard it. >> it felt like being in a boat when a wave hits about. the bus was rocking. back- and-forth, at this speed for the entire earthquake. >> james: more national news, an explosion has rocked a chemical plant near boston. it was the state fair marshall says one person has been rushed to hospital with serious injuries. residents are being told to stay in their home. no regulation orders have been given. utility crews are working hard to restore power after a storm ripped through organ. but the winds, heavy rains minister take countries leaving more than one to 5000 residents in the dark.
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following our own weather here in the bay rain came down last thing louisa is tracking at. >> we will continue to see wet weather today stretching radar through the week more what dendrite. are shot of the golden gate socked and low clouds, plenty of moisture those roads still what this is how much rain we've seen over 24 hours just over 10th of an inch and san francisco same for livermore, san rafael. in sonoma we action sought three-quarters of an inch or grain over 24 hours. --of rain. storm tracker 4 shares as the bulk of the moisture still to the central valley still seeing some in the sierra as their shares continue. still some
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showers around the immediate way you can see some sprinkles through the livermore all along the east bay even to portions of the suspects this morning and looks like the bulk of the moisture sitting over downtown san francisco stretching into says san francisco showers to oakland in san leandro. a series of storms pushing to this need looks like are tomorrow we are seeing link the rain will continue. maybe a quarter of an inch-three- quarters of an inch of rain in accumulating as we head toward to thursday we have a weaker storm pushing through bringing less than a quarter of an inch. friday greatest impact heavier showers, strong downpours, rainfall between half an inch to an inch and a half. certainly a big difference. today highs and some of the warmer spots whirring into the
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upper 60s. will then cooled off by the end of the week into the weekend. that strain continues retorts the weekend. >> erica: traffic center is in good shape we have a star vehicle just before treasure island blocking one of the lanes it's not causing any delays. it's not affecting your dried thyme 8 minute trip. project san mateo bridge looks good westbound, east bound 92 especially among these taillights towards foster city. drive taurus is 13 minutes. golden gate bridge it is a bit cocky but we don't have any accidents or incidents. california highway patrol has not issued a fog advisor it just yet. you may want to drive with extra caution as you make your way toward san francisco. if
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you're heading up to the sierra, chain requirements are in effect. >> james: we will take everett, back with more in a moment let's give you a quick flick of side this time from our roof camera is given out there a few scattered showers are in the mix. looks like it will stay that way through most of the day. back with more in a moment.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. bridge check, was spent 80 your purchase looks nice, light, all little wet standing water their in all lot san mateo bridge looks good, you commute and highway 92 is pretty easy. right-hand side is your westbound direction. golden gate bridge there is a fraud your ride this morning traffic is light but your visibility is poor. we will let jan know where the fog is worse. --let you know. a suicide bomber blew up his booby trapped car early tuesday crimea early today outside the building bringing the whole thing down and these tend shoulders were killed 29 others wounded. general
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warrant special compensation from new zealand christians killed during the quake. they cited the club's policy as freezing. the embassy official says chinese quake could games have less overtly current drought but future brenner. --but their future bread winner. high level contact with those of gaddafi the rebels' plight in libya is trying more serious by the hour as gadhafi's forces corp. appeared to be tuning momentum. libyan government took a tremendous honor " tour of recaptured areas.
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>> reporter: driving east mile upon mile of vehicles discarded weapons, ammunition littering the roadside evidence of a rebel retreat and outgunned come out started by governments forces. the first stop on this organized checked. this has been their police station is not clear what happened but as the first sign of any real bottle as you're driving we saw the occasional to demand by to three dozen are some policemen we have seen most of the stores closed sometimes leaving this list isn't as a real person and as far. azeris massed operas while they've been blown up, shopping fired being fired
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by soldiers servicer of the impromptu celebration for the cameras. a few days ago this town wasn't rebel hands. this looks like the tail fins from rocket buried in front of this house. underneath children's shoes. few houses had rose by rockets fired from the west and care advancing government forces. driving on eastward another 40 mi. the sky fills with dense black smoke as we get closer unmistakably clear and oil storage tanker burning at of control. officials blame young rebels. is that how far government forces have advanced a where the front
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line is remains unclear what is clear is the government is honor roll and the rebels are quarrelling retreating it seems just as vice weekend. --just as fast as they can. >> james: 5 attendant on alaska airlines became moment after three man in an orthodox prayer ritual which involves tying leather straps and boxes to their body the bonds lockdown the cockpit fbi agents always police and fire group met at the gate 2-3 man or escorted off questions and released. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. much more street had including news of a mother arrested for the death of her own daughter. plus we're following the latest on the earthquake in
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japan. >> reporter: as the search for survivors continues of experts say there are new concerns after a second explosion. i will have that story coming out.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. golden gate project, mr. to your ride will track it with louisa and error. ---golden gate bridge, thought he ride. -- foggy righde. a massive blast blew from the parent plant that was the second explosion since saturday trent lott has more on the government's response. >> reporter: plants as thick white smoke over the new jet power plant monday lost is the second of of
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facility since saturday lows of some of the plan remain elevated. the government says the radiation released does not pose any immediate safety or health risks people are not so sure. >> i indeed the consent ought to know what's going on and scared. as experts say the threat of a meltdown is still very real. this is a task made even harder because the earthquake knocked out the facility. the tsunami flooded the backup generators. they generally have the onset of a cogeneration but what happened with the economic i have no idea we never anticipated a tsunami. as the search continues japan's prime minister in a plea for strength to is people. >> i am confident that the
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people can be united to work together to further the store curtsy. rick clark reporting. on the reactor's cooling system has stopped working this marks the third of problems. meanwhile the tsunami cost more than $17 million in damage to sinecures as cleanup continues no boats are being allowed. 18 vessels strength of this. >> reporter: but rain leaves this bowed out of the water after some searches struck just days ago. speak-
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m not sure what i'm willing to do. it is one of 18 that sank when researchers charge report. >> of getting to find it things from to. it is just sitting to see. >> reporter: their word and to recover the loss birks. each bar has unique circumstances. they will hook them onto a train to be hoisted their. and left millions of dollars of damage to both boats into this port. a lot of the wreckage can see most of it is under water. he is hoping you'll be able to recover the fishing gear. it is recovery. they can clean this thing up and move on.
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crews have 14 more votes to pull out of the water as you can tell there will probably be working year well into the next few weeks. >> james: s survey's are searching for an inmate escapes last night. we have the photograph of him nathanson since last seen around 9:30 p.m. wearing an orange jeans and shirt with the initial cdc our prisoner on the back 6 ft. tall. as you can see on this for a rob brown here, brown eyes, fair complexion. police are searching for missing teenage girl last seen at the bay area high school. she is leading the are of high school on marches. shimmy been of an unidentified man they say
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it's still possible that there were driving a stolen 2007 and accurate to. authorities believe they may still be in the bay area but could be headed to los angeles. the mother has been arrested for allegedly murdering her eight year-old daughter. it appears to be a budget murder-suicide authorities were contacted by a woman who was the care providers for the look girl. the woman told officers she found a mother and child in senate are in homes dry etch with the running water and a hose from the tailpipe to the interior. let's get a check on the forecast it was a wet day yesterday around the bay over night we heard the rain falling let's see was shaping up this morning. >> louisa: but shara this morning the will taper off as the sun rises. --like to
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on this morning. to the ups and raindrops the east bay. san leandro. we have a flood advisor 3 for solano county cases like vallejo, benicia. watching for the streams and creeks continuing to rise. we had some heavy rain overnight and continued more scatter charts this morning be sure to keep it closed i it out for some flooding. looks like we'll see quite a bit of wet weather this week as we head towards market picks up. --tomorrow it picks up. tomorrow it weaker storm pension true lessen the order of an inch, friday heavier rain up to
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half an inch to an into the house. certainly plenty of rainfall is expected. currently in the '50s, but after noon moving as high as into the '60s. will it the upper 60s in the higher spot. 54 san rafael, 57 oakland. temperatures rid around 67 for a high in this afternoon. --right around. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. all lot of raindrops in our forecast and looks like we will see what else wanted to continue to do weekend. what those temperatures drop off in a cool down along with the wet weather stays rainy, cool. erica >> erica: pretty good conditions all live look of the bay bridge no problems to report although we are seeing a couple more cars
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there we saw five minutes to go easy conditions coming from all three approaches. if you're heading to the san mateo westbound, east bound to 92 traffic looks good lots of space between cars no problems getting to the bridge in either direction i've been looking for dense fog is rise three in his sock did not fire, i just checked and logged in the evidence target was a area's issue. we do have one in effect for the richmond san rafael so far, so good no accidents or incidents to report california highway patrol is asking you to drive with extra caution. james. >> james: bart service is brought to normal this morning after two train cars derailed near concord. the
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eighth and ninth cars of a tank car train came off the tracks of departing of 9:20 p.m. 65 passengers on board three people complained of back problems. the cause remains under rustication there will be no bus bridges this morning trains on time, operating as normal according to bert. the federal government is accusing pacific gas and electric company of incorrectly implementing their own safety measures. an internal document shows the utility decided it would only test for proms if pressure spike to a level 10% above the standard. the tender san add-on is incorrect. more documentation is needed to find it today misapplied federal regulations. democrats and republicans are trent hammer a budget
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plan coming up we will break down some of the problems california is facing. here's a live look at side checking what it's like bedside is a foggy ride. everyone else is in the clear. back with more in a minute.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. share of trees this morning it will taper off to the afternoon then get right back into tomorrow. wednesday, thursday locate saturday looks ok, pardon me sunday as the ring.rain. this week the governor and democrats will try to persuade republicans to expect a budget plan. the governor missed its own deadline to get it in place. -determine breaks down the battle.
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>> reporter: democrats to pass the budget on their on but they cannot put the proposed tax extensions on the ballot without a 2-3. that means a handful of republicans mr. and then that's where everything is at a standstill. >> their trendy use of leverage they have. republicans are using this moment to force concessions and other issues. they're saying we want pension reform, we want changes in budgeting, spending limits, we want our range of other things that are more painful for the democrats to give ron. >> caller: >> reporter: leaders remain optimistic that there will have the votes. >> we have a handful of republicans weather in negotiations that is a good thing. >> reporter: even if a compromise is reached its
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and likely op. way. >> i would be surprised if any of them say publicly that connection records about them and about disciplining them. >> reporter: it is to begin so way cook says if anything is free to happen it will likely be the week off to the convention. there are no guarantees but if there's any reason for people to be optimistic the residents will get a chance to run is that the governor himself is going door-to-door trying to work on a compromise. >> james: a new study says a surprising number of new fathers with the trenchant resort to stinking their one-year-old. but experts say depression among fathers is strongly tied to an unemployment rates which are much higher now than they were a decade ago. we will
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take a break, another look good side as we got this time the bay bridge to purge traffic is moving well although it is little wet. we will be back with more in a minute.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. in the air back, live look at the sierra. this is gen requirements are enough thought to offer volume major roadways. no matter where you're going need to bring your chains. we have good rather. >> louisa: 70 this ski resorts will be looking for to this week here's a look,
4:45 am
snowfall still continuing up over 80, highway 50 looks like for the most part snowfall above the 7,000 ft. level below that may be arraigned snow mixture some scattered snow showers are for the most part of looks like the book is staying above the 7,000 ft. level. there is a better are activity around the bay nothing like what we saw overnight may be light showers continuing siege can see the peninsula to the east bay still continuing at that wet weather we do have a flood advisory in effect so places like fairfield, vacaville, benicia we're watching for the streams, creeks to continue to rise above a heavyset has pasturing we're still watching some scattered where a tremendous, library, a pardon. watch forumf levin and
4:46 am
confident. there rainfall looks like it is going to accumulate to quarter of an inch-three-quarters of an inch. thursday a weaker storm winding through. friday in moderate-heavy downpours. this looks to be the strongest storm. stanley expects to continue to seek a series of storms wind its way through. sitting in the '50s, as we head towards after noon mid-upper 60s. you see this pattern more wet weather than dry weather bridge and do their work week. temperatures continue to drop off each day. loan by the end of the week. coastal of this week
4:47 am
looks to be friday, rainy, cool trent into the weekend. a worke >> erica: 3 conditions bay area wide we're tracking more volume on the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is still streaming. still no promise to record here, same story at sematech average westbound, east and 92 traffic is in very good shape drive time is just 14 minutes from end to end. southbound 101 lotus pocket was restored going to have won at the richmond san rafael see each team is asking you draw up with extra caution. i've learned that the bart station, no problems to report, everything is on schedule,
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running red on time. >> james: it will be a while before we realize the full effect of that earthquake ends in the army in japan. this is the damage left in one home. --earthquake in synonymy. we're able to look back at the impact of each earthquake kate thompson shows us. >> reporter: february 24th the 6.3 magnitude quake rocked christ church new zealand damage buildings, 1050 people killed. --150. in a damage bogan's, it killed no one. the february quake was deadlier more
4:49 am
people road and about. in april a devastating quake in china 7.1 left more than 600 dead, 10 dozen injured. rescue workers spend days trend pull survivors from the rubble. a 72. quake and mexico a. did during 122010, a.d. suffered a crushing earthquake just miles from the capital in port-au- prince. buildings crumbled, neighborhoods destroyed more than $13 billion in damage and the death toll neared a quarter of a million people. >> james: da lin talk to a woman who just returned from japan she tells us what it was like being in tokyo when the earthquake struck. >> reporter: it was a triple a lifetime experience to never forget, sitting in
4:50 am
a bus in downtown tokyo when it hit. >> it felt like being in a boat where wave hits the boat. the bus was rocking. back and forth, at this speed, for the entire earthquake. >> reporter: all of the high-rises, trees were shaking violently she thought airbus would tip over. >> deep, quiet, terrifying. >> reporter: two minutes of chosing fell like an eternity. she thought about her family, her husband, whether she would die. >> remarkably it did not tip over. >> reporter: the aftershocks keep coming, more than 200 aftershocks after the quake traffic leaving tokyo was a mess. she missed her flight because she could not get to the airport. it took six hours to drive 12 mi.. she
4:51 am
was part of a 13 #addition of 13 leaders invited to visit japan of chip aimed of strengthening relations between the two countries. >> my heart goes out to them. >> james: are hardware store is doing its part to help victims by setting up of $50,000 fund-raising goal which relief funds joined the red cross, a hard where announced the goal of raising $25,000 and the storer will match any donation for a total of 50,000. customers shopping at the store will be asked if they would like to donate when they check out the store has reached several stores and coast guard nate money raising efforts that way as well. we'll take a break, much
4:52 am
pressure ahead here's a look at such from our james lick freeway camera traffic moving in the net of san francisco ok.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. let's give you a bay bridge check, toll plaza, pretty good traffic making its way across with no major problems. san mateo bridge ride moving without very problems, taillights on the right that is the commute traction. -- direction. all lot of fog that there this morning, he cannot make get this out power, traffic making its way across with any problems. stupid--with any problems. . the battle real did'6
4:55 am
million at the box office last week to link joe came in second $23 million. third place, red riding had brightened 14 million. a hockey team in california is jumping on the charlie sheen been awakened. they adjourned at fans by having the theme last may is seen to be a winning strategy. >> we're ready to turn of the jews, tigers good. >> the condor's hosted charlie sheen night. the team when all out have a clean dirt does getting for free. buy one get one tiger blood is. dress up like
4:56 am
charlie getting for $2. >> bowling shirt, hat. his are was kicking around the house. >> winning. winning. the winning. >> and gets the blood to the game. >> anything we can do to promote the condor's yea. >> james: neil diamond is among the musicians being inducted into the rock-and- roll hall of fame. this year also includes of scooper, darlene love. the 26 annual salmon will be held tonight in new york. artists are eligible to be inducted 25 years after the release of their first album. we will
4:57 am
take a break, a lot more strength than had the latest in japan will have the the impact in santa cruz, plus the bart station to cars really of the tracks this of them might have to bust bridge this morning, the latest coming up.
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>> james: >> mark: 5:00 a.m. wiretaps during the devastation in japan has injured several people. the quake hit exceed 10,000.
5:00 am
morning to take a look at the weather is we wake up to a red brick. it is wet, foggy. >> louisa: the shares three- star tapering off. you can see some scattered showers this morning. more weather is very light. we have a flooded by azeri. this is like vacaville, fairfield, watching as those streams, critics continue to rise. are still getting those showers. still watching for mud, debris, pondering until 6:45 a.m. over the next few days off plenty of wet weather anywhere from a quarter of an inch to three- quarters of evidence and of a weaker storm could produce
5:01 am
a quarter of an inch or less. this is a bigger storm pushing through rainfall of anywhere from half an inch to an internet act. expecting quite a bit of what weather this week. by the afternoon highs equal '60s. 64 san francisco, richmond. 67 those gloves, san jose, morgan hill. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. more wet and dry.they and dry. we will continue wednesday cooling trend as well. navistar were on the upper 60s today. low 60s mid-week. mitch 50s by
5:02 am
the weekend we don't have any hot spots to contend with although we are contending with some foggy and what conditions. no problems here at the approach of the bay bridge traffic is sailing on by the will have to do was standing water and some of the middle lanes. not causing any accidents. drive time of about 90 minutes from the for the macarthur maze into san francisco. westbound traffic is very light lots of space between cars and drive time much as 30 minutes. we just checked this hour traffic rocks. near traffic law is effective. crus andrews, and cisco looks good criminal problems. if you're tricking
5:03 am
public transportation we were tracking problems yesterday no problems to report currently. >> darya: to the latest of japan, japanese police officials saying 1000 live the bodies washed up. the raises the debt, to about 2800 people killed in the earthquake and tsunami waves. the police chief says more than 10 deaths in people may have estimated to have died in his province alone a least 1.4 million households are without water. 1.9 million have no electricity, 310,000 people living with relatives or in emergency shelters. an
5:04 am
ignoranexplosion injured 11 peo, another reactor has lost its cooling capacity raising their risks for another glass. the u.s. seventh fleet says its root is ships and aircraft away from the power plant the aircraft carrier uss ronald reagan was about a hundred miles offshore when its instruments detected radiation. titillated this you can see how violent the tsunami was dropping a bus on top of a three story building. this was done top of the quake when net tramway heck, the video shows how it picked out an entire s and left it on top of an elementary school. barrett tracking, splitting during the earthquake.
5:05 am
japan's stock market dropping in considerably losing over six percent down more than 600 points. now be the equivalent of losing 722 runs in the dow jones. the central link is helping finance certain institutions will continue to come meet the massive demands. stock futures are- setting the stage for a lower opening. freddie the dow did close about from a dozen s&p nine points. the nasdaq rising 15. here in the bay area, the santa cruz herbert is expected to remain close. authorities
5:06 am
say 18 boat sank another 100 were damaged. voters will have to assess their burrows been no vessels can travel through. >> darya: a live look get sad at the san mateo bridge, in looks like traffic is nice and light visibility is terrific we'll be right back. california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants.
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>> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. 5 1:09 a.m. authorities are searching for an inmate who escaped last night from the delta conservation camp. their real needs and simpson was last seen around 9:30 p.m. he was wearing on to jeans, a shirt that said a prisoner on the back six for it, then, you can see his father. he was arrested for
5:10 am
vehicle theft in may of 2010 he is said to be paroled in september. police are searching for missing teenage drop last seen at the bay area high school. the 16 year-old was seen leaving in san mateo on marches. it is possible they were driving a stolen acura integra to. authorities believe the two may still be in the bay area but they also could travel to los angeles. >> mark: efforts by lawmakers to court republicans are expected to intensify. rain now the governor is a few votes short toupees that on the ballot. it would be a five- year extension of sales,
5:11 am
personal income. it is the cornerstone of governor brown's plan to close the $26.6 billion deficit. the government is accusing pacific gas and electric company saying that ito decided they were on the tests for problems their pressure spread to a level 10% above the federal standard officials city are on is incorrect more documentation is needed to see if they misapplied off with federal regulations. the pipeline is version left eight people dead destroying dozens of homes. >> darya: let's get a live look at side, what we can expect over the next few days as a lick of the forecast you can see the showers is pretty warm 67 mobile high this afternoon then the rain sticks around but the temperature with each day we lose a few
5:12 am
degrees until the weekend were looking at mid-50s instill rain. will be right back.. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have ever known. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ the radically new, 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green.
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>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. will latest developments said of japan, what is happening with the power plants, which store where japanese officials say a thousand bodies have been found scattered across the coastline. the discovery raises the official death toll to two dozen 800, the police chief says they expected to be over 10,000 as you like it the latest video now want the new killer power plants second explosion occurred in japan is about 15 0 mi. north of tokyo. you see the explosion ready of centocor radiation levels are still within limits according to authorities this is the second blast at the plant in three days 11 workers
5:16 am
rounded in the latest incident one seriously it is similar to a blast that occurred on saturday we're getting word that the exposure of the fuel rods their using sea water to try and cool it down there's a risk of more reactors or repeating that could lead to a meltdown. >> james: to will images showing as a before and after in the wake of that tsunami. this is an san died, the northern portion of that city you see a bunch of trees, agricultural farm land now i will advance that you'll see what it looks like this morning. of those trees are gone, stripped away the farm land in the upper left corner is flooded this is another shot right near sendai. you can see a lot of houses, now
5:17 am
the after shock, it looks like a bomb went off in this town. flooded farmland in the upper left, smoke billowing up from immense fires the been burning. this is of sendai, pit close attention to the before shot, now we will see what it looks like in the aftermath. all of that infrastructure is stripped away you just see dirt basically. pretty dramatic shots. >> darya: thank you, taking a double live luck at the wet conditions that they face a i guess you'd better get used to it. >> louisa: get those umbrellas out you will need them this week we're still continuing with some scattered showers certainly nothing like what we saw last night. from downtown
5:18 am
san francisco of the way to cell san francisco also through the spray places like oakland, san leandro we do have a flood advisory for solano county streams and creeks continue to rise without a flood advisory in the torture for mud, debris, haunting you could see a threat of flooding on their race. by tomorrow another storm pressures through into the afternoon in the evening rainfall from a quarter of an inch to three- quarters of an inch at of a weaker storm pushes through thursday this looks like you'll only bring less than a quarter of an inch this is your friday that brings as the storm that could impact as the greatest. some heavy downpours expected we could get rainfall up to half an inch even over an inch expected three-year friday
5:19 am
in some spots. we're in the '50s by the afternoon break horizons the '60s warming up slightly. 64 san francisco, 66 concord. south bay upper 60s and places like los carters, san jose. east bay, temperatures topping out in the mid-60s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. not much break in that wet weather we continue to see more wet and dry this week back onto the workweek. the upper 60s, as we progress will bring in a much cooler air. temperatures not escaping their 50s into the weekend it rain, cooler temperatures continue. >> erica: it is a column start your monday morning commute we're not dealing with any hot spots. a live
5:20 am
like charity perch the bay bridge road plaza not a lot of traffic heather ross found tracking excellent conditions not reporting any problems free ride. --for your ride. we're still looking at a pretty standard drive 1014 minutes between 80 and 101 clothing gate bridge, visibility has cleared we have a dense fog advisor in effect reports of flooding in both directions right near lecky drive traffic maps, falling that dense fog advisor also an effect at the richmond san rafael bridge california highway patrol is asking you drive with extra caution keeping a safe distance between you and the cars in front of you. >> darya: secretary of state hillary clinton is in paris for talks with leaders about
5:21 am
the crisis and libya it will include a meeting with libyan opposition leaders as they make their first high-level contact with the foes of khaddafi. libya is also mr. says the company's crude production has fallen drastically. libyan state tv news reporter in all ports are now in government hands. a parliament group is appealing to bahrain's king crash's in that tiny gulf island the group is seeking a curfew and the dispatch of army units. today's appeal comes a day after protestors blocked main highways, >> gary:. >> mark: a second session
5:22 am
will be held on three americans heard accused of spying. the forces have accused the berkeley grads of spying for the u.s., the americans and their families is the espionage charges are untrue. they pleaded not guilty in february, shore was released on bail has pleaded not guilty. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let's take a live look at san francisco, the james lick, hill looks like it's a little slick, low wet, travis mckay.
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. golden gate bridge, rain is coming down with the rainfall totals their family light up in the north sonoma three-quarters of an inch of rain heavy downpours overnight we are expecting more rain or on and off. the massive explosion rocking a chemical
5:26 am
plant here that pictures from the overnight hours in massachusetts as a 30 see the plan into ventures asta in the he says. it was on fire just before the blast the fire marshal is saying one person was rushed hospital nearby residents being told to stay in their homes to possibilities of toxic chemicals in the air. >> darya: crews are working hard to restore power after a giant storm air to oregon. the winds were really strong their heavy rain to the knock down power lines, within one to 5000 people in the darkened are again. fire crews are working overnight to save dozens of people. it took three hours to take the blaze under control. nine are in critical condition the cause of that fire is
5:27 am
under investigation. >> mark: we will have more on this and army coming up up at the danger as the kron 4 morning news continues.
5:28 am
5:29 am
>> darya: with good morning, welcome back take a look at the damage this is one of the big stories that were falling the wake of the huge tsunami and earthquake in japan you can see the damage here everything is gone their calling this the worst disaster to hit japan since world war two. there is not much left, that that trial continues to rise officials with the red cross said the magnitude of damage cannot even be imagined to aside
5:30 am
from the rescue efforts more than two and a dozen people have been evacuated after several explosions. >> reporter: days after the largest earthquake on record life is anything but normal. in parts of the country monday some headed back to work but were left stranded due to power adages and down trains. news of the disaster continues to be grim. reports of 2000 bodies discovered of northeast coast. >> in this 65 years after the end of world war two this is the toughest, most of the gulf crisis for japan. >> reporter: the destruction is unimaginable. about 8 0 mi. from the quake's epicenter also
5:31 am
climbed, reduce the sticks. lot strewn about. on the ground, from the air search and rescue teams from around the world search for survivors and find a few miracles. washed away by the violent tsunami this woman held onto a tree for hours until help arrived. >> for the moment she opened the door the water flooded in. >> reporter: after sharks continues to come and water supplies are low. explosions at the new juror plant had many on high alert. several reactors have lost cooling capabilities hundreds of thousands of people evacuated. still officials remain hopeful they can contain the threat. >> we believe there's a possibility that a massacre amount of radiation has been leaked. >> mark: in the bay area watching weather. now, here is a look at the weather. >> louisa: all i have to say
5:32 am
is get used to it we will see a lot of what weather in the days to come. you'll probably need your windshield wipers when you step outside the door. it looks like we will continue to see scattered showers along the peninsula and to the east bay as well. we'll continue to watch their streams and creeks as they arise just some scattered showers at this point. certainly a concern is the mud, taridebris. by tomorrow another storm works its way through could bring as a quarter inch-three-quarters of an inch or rain. a little weaker system on thursday less than a quarter of an inch friday as strong a storm more widespread heavier rain at times up to about an inch and a half
5:33 am
produced by the system. rain our current temperatures sitting in the '50s by the afternoon '60s could borrow up slightly today 65 for santa rosa 62 and san francisco. if you degrees warmer than that in san francisco temperatures are into the mid '60s upper 60s in the south bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it does show that wet weather trent river runs through their work week and into the weekend. today is the upper 60s, by the end of the week low 60s. at are 50s. certainly much more rain on tap cooler temperatures as well. eric deck? >> erica: the freeways are still accident free no hot spots to deal with their lives are cursing more cars headed westbound at the purchase of a rich trove plaza. metering lights are
5:34 am
off. no problems reported. westbound-she spent 92 are in good shape. we are seeing a bigger volume of cars but still tracking excellent conditions no problems reported. that means highway 101 were either direction of the nimitz. says bound, dense fog advisor in effect. the california highway patrol is asking the you drive with extra caution. concord, bart station, no problems reported here after yesterdays derailment. take a look at the graphic, we do have some delays in the fact 15-20 minutes between west oakland and montgomery. due to single tracking off because of equipment problems. allow yourself some extra time between west oakland. >> mark: a live look cured
5:35 am
the golden gate bridge, we've been taking a look at their rainfall around the bay area. let's talk about other stories that we're following first, the area? >> darya: bay area flights coming to and from japan is something we are following in the event of after the earthquake we're following up on that let's get a well- trained. >> will: as of now all sites are on schedule the first flight from san francisco international to tokyo is scheduled to take office at 1150. of course light into sfo is then 915 this morning, the duty manager says he does know all of the flights are booked for these as a at least to grow or to get to their loved ones in japan will have access. >> mark: a quick break as
5:36 am
the kron 4 morning news continues. [ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. president barack obama as troubling to virginia to give a speech on revamping education. --is traveling to virginia. the president has the visiting prime minister of denmark to discuss instability. he'll also meet with the commander of allied forces in afghanistan. the commissioner of the nfl says there will be a season this year, many of the owners and lots of players believe so as well. the union dissolved itself with the players and star players including asking for an injunction and the hours before the early implemented one. none over the next few weeks fans will
5:40 am
get their fill of the draft picks as we wait and see a resolution will come. >> darya: 50 knows someone depending on their iphone you may want to give them a wake-up call, many users are reporting their alarms did not work after the daylight savings time change. saturday night your skills to spring forward, several blocks in saying this is going on some klan a promise of but turning the i phone off and then on again they did not say whether apple had any comment about this problem. we'll be back with more in a couple of minutes here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. kind of missing. we will your back.
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> darya: 543 a m coax story in the wake of the 8.9
5:44 am
earthquake in japan all of the damage that they're sifting through and looking for survivors and more of the dead as the death toll rises. james fletcher is taking a look at more rows. >> james: the l.a. times put together a slide show some of the most dramatic pictures from the aftermath of that earthquake and houses on fire, surrounded by rebel. here's a another look at harris upside-down floating in water that covers the streets of his neighbor had. full houses are decimated by the waters. his neighborhood is synergen, houses in the background half of this has is gone. houses along this street destroyed as well. one last fighter, i very grim task than restaurants and recovery personnel have
5:45 am
to deal with as they assess the fallout and the number of dead continues dries. >> mark: kron4 stalins but to a woman who just returned from japan she tells us what it was like. >> reporter: it was a trip of a lifetime experience will never forget she was sitting on the bus downtown tokyo when the big earthquake hit. >> developing in about with a wave hits and you're walking. it was walking back and forth for the entire earthquake. >> all of the surrounding high-rises and troops were shaking riley she thought her bus and took over. >> it was deep, quiet, terrifying. she says to miss felt like an eternity. it
5:46 am
said about her family, her husband, whether she would die. >> the best of mac took over remarkably the buildings did not tumble. >> reporter: the aftershocks kept coming, more than to a hundred, and after the quake traffic leaving was a mess. she missed her original flight because she could not get to the airport it took six hours to drive 12 mi.. she was part of a jock whitney's american leaders invited to visit japan in debt strengthening relations between the two countries. it the printer can choose connection with a grin. >> my heart goes out to the people left behind. >> darya: we want to take a double love a good side around the bay to give you an idea what it's like out said. --live look outside.
5:47 am
san mateo bridge, visibility is good. that looks like one of the dryer spots. >> louisa: you'll probably need your windshield wipers this morning we're just talking about light rain, he will see some spotty showers, i can take a closer in plenty of what weather from san francisco to the east bay, as stated in the north bay a few sprinkles in places like san rafael, the rate down through the delta, sonoma, you can continue to see the rain coming down. that is rare a flood advisory is in effect. we're still watching those streams and those creeks as the rain comes down. make sure to watch her for some mud, puddling on the routes. future cast four takes us
5:48 am
through this week that is going to be a pretty wet week ahead of us, we can expect to see some rain pushing in, becoming more widespread. a quarter of an inch to three-quarters of an inch of rain. thursday a weaker storm rolling through, listen a quarter of an inch, friday that some were talking about heavy weather, that is the most significant storm. rain fell up to 1.5 in.. current temperatures 66 several school, 50 degrees san results, 57 loans for morliverm4 san francisco, even along the coast in the '60s low 60s fries, 67 morgan hill. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. as you can
5:49 am
see it does not give as much of a break from this wet weather, by the end of the week the intensity is expected to pick up, cooler temperatures really starting to set in. but the weekend were not a escaping temperatures into the mid '60s. erica? >> erica: we're not tracking too much in accidents or slowdowns we do have a couple of things to talk about, if you're heading into the bay bridge not tracking it as a hot spot traffic is streaming on by was founded to san francisco cemetery bridge is in good shape, it is one of are drier areas. on to the good stuff, we have at dense fog by conditions are improving. california highway patrol is holding that advisory asking you drive with extra caution and be mindful of
5:50 am
occurs. albany, westbound, and traffic is getting busy, i just checked the traffic clogs we don't have any accidents to report drive times will go up, 18 ministers past golden gate into san francisco. still tracking those delays on bart, 10-50 amid delays reported between oakland and montgomery. currently bart is single tracking. >> darya: in world news, emergency workers are frantically trying to rescue victims from beneath the rubble of an army headquarters in the country's east suicide bomber blew up his car early today. etc building, he brought the building-, 10 shoulders killed, 29 wounded. china wants compensation from new zealand for students killed during last month's
5:51 am
earthquake they said it did countries one child policy. the embassy officials say chinese quake victims have not is lost their only child but the future bread winner. >> mark: we'll be right back as if all the latest developments that of japan live video to show you hear the of the airport ceiling, falling during the 8.9 earthquake.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. barry whether it's going to be a wet week, showers on and off, rain expected in the afternoon and evening a few showers, sunshine developing wednesday light showers thursday rain on friday, a
5:55 am
break with a few showers saturday before more rain is expected on sunday. many survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in japan are focused on trying to get food and water. people in sendai are lining up of seven supermarkets, before the stores are open. many will be likely waiting for hours and shoppers were fortunate to get inside are limited to 10 items. people have spent four days of their food, water, shelter. a hardware store and benicia is doing its part to help victims of friday's earthquake, by sending 50,000 fund-raising dollars going to the red cross. in inglewood goal of raising 25,000 with the start matching that coronations for a grand total through
5:56 am
april customers shopping at this are we asked if they like to donate money when they checked out at the register. >> darya: of their news their we're following after the weekend did you seize the movies. the winner at the box office was that all losses angeles, it is a sci- fi epic, it costs a hundred million dollars to make. that made the $36 million, last week's top movie rango came in second making $23 million. and third-place red riding hood which renders it is not for the kids, it's scary. it's for grown-ups. they made 14 million. neil diamond is among the legendary musicians being inducted into the rock-and-
5:57 am
roll hall of fame, this year's include alice cooper, tom waits, darlene love. it will be held tonight at the hotel in new york, artists are eligible to be inducted 25 years after the release of your first album. then you can have a shot at being inducted. >> mark: will your back as the kron 4 morning news continues rate after the break. rain is coming down, traffic is light. over to the san mateo bridge, traffic is moving fairly smoothly. golden gate bridge, thick fog showing up on the bridge, traffic is moving at the speed limit.
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